Taking sun where we can get it

The thing about living in the PNW is that you just have to be OK with rain. Not only that, but you have to be flexible, because whenever the sun actually comes out, something kind of primal surges in our veins and tells us we had better get outside — we need to get outside otherwise we are going to be dangerously close to contracting Seasonal Affective Disorder and possible shriveling into rotten, moldy seed pods of depression.

I admit I was worried in anticipation of Winter Break. Having just found out that Seattle Schools is canceling Winter Break beginning next year, I had a sort of senioritis about it: We aren’t even going to have this extra week starting next year, why bother having it now? What am I going to do with the kids all week, when they are so fresh off Christmas Break and MLK Day and a six-pack full of staff development days and early dismissals? We’re all going to be so BORED.

We found enough to do with the beginning of the week, with out-of-town guests visiting and a trip to the aquarium to see the new baby otter (a sweeter roll of fur you never did see, I tell you), but Wednesday was shaping up to be the Hump Day of boredom, with nothing but a pile of homework (yes, in First Grade) and brain-numbing DVDs to keep us from a rain-induced coma. Except, the sun emerged.

As everyone knows, that means get on your boots and go. This chance might not come again until June.

We headed to Carkeek Park with friends for a picnic and nature hike. The kids were so enthralled with the forest that they didn’t even play in the playground. After all these weeks of gray it was enough for them to run along the trails “tracking” animals, and to hide in the tall soft grasses playing make-believe.

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